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2.54mm Pitch 2*8P Dual Row SMT Gold-Plated with Cap Ejector Header Connector

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Parameter introduction:

1. Current: 3A

2. Voltage: 500V

3. Contact Resistance: 20 mΩ Max

4. Insulation Resistance: 1,000 MΩ Min

5. Operating Temperature: -40℃± 105℃

Material Quality:

1.Contact Material: Copper

2.Electroplating Method: Gold-Plated, Tin-Plated

3.Insulation Material: UL94V-0 PBT, PA6T, PA9T, LCP 

All products meet ROHS 2.0, REACH, UL certification, export quality requirements.

Product introduction


我司可提供0.80MM,1.0MM,1.27MM,2.0MM,2.54MM,3.96MM,4.20MM 等常规间距排针排母产品,国内外


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